Can I cancel a Bankruptcy Order?

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Can I cancel a Bankruptcy order?

Bankruptcy Orders - What is it and can I fight it?

Once the Court has ordered a bankruptcy order against you, the Official Receiver will be notified of the details immediately. The Official Receiver may send you with a questionnaire asking for full details of your financial situation. You will be given an appointment for an interview to take place over the telephone or to attend their office to discuss your financial situation. The Official Receiver will take control of your property and financial affairs. The purpose is to establish whether you are in a position to contribute towards the bankruptcy costs and the debts via your assets and income.

Can I annul or cancel a Bankruptcy Order?

We can apply to the Court on your behalf to cancel your bankruptcy:

1. Where the bankruptcy order should have not have been made in the first place

2. Where all your debts and expenses of the bankruptcy have either been paid or secured to the satisfaction of the Court

3. Where you have made an individual voluntary arrangement with your creditors to pay your debts which has been approved.

We can assist you in preparing an application to annul a Bankruptcy Order based on the above grounds and thereafter making representation at the hearing.

If you are considering Bankruptcy or have questions about the process and how this could affect your job, pension, home etc please do download our Frequently asked Questions relating to Bankruptcy.

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