Bankruptcy, Director Disqualification & Insolvency

Corporate and Personal, Bankruptcy and Liquidations. Every insolvency situation is different. Our lawyers have the experience to know how to handle each type of situation, minimising risk and safeguarding clients’ positions.

Bankruptcy is a form of insolvency and suitable if you are unable to reasonably pay off your existing unsecured debts within a specific time.  The threat and consequences of bankruptcy can be very serious and the situation can be very stressful. We act for Creditors and Insolvency Practitioners seeking to recover money due to them as well as advising Directors, Sole Traders and Individuals.

If a company becomes insolvent and goes into liquidation, a director may be deemed personally liable for ‘wrongful trading’.

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“I cannot be thankful enough to Rebecca and Altion Law for the service and help I received, through a very difficult time. After being refused the AWRS Rebecca and Altion Law helped over turned HMRCs decision successfully”.

At Altion Law we can also help by advising you from the outset on best practice and compliance procedures. We can provide clear, jargon-free explanations of directors and officers liabilities and compliance procedures and review all your existing procedures and processes to avoid future problems.

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