Successfully Acting For A Limited Company, Defending A Wind-Up Petition Issued By HMRC, Petition Was Dismissed.

Acting for a company which had been placed into a potential liquidation following Insolvency proceedings issued by HMRC for unpaid tax. HMRC had alleged that the company had deliberately avoided tax and defaulted on payments. HMRC had issued a winding up petition based on these allegations, which had led to the company bank accounts being immediately frozen.

Previous lawyers had advised the client that there were no prospects of contesting the insolvency action and that the company should be liquidated. The Director wished to fight for his company and approached Altion Law for a specialist opinion. Altion Law considered the facts of the matter and advised the company on options. The company was represented in court to oppose and contest the wind up action, on the basis that HMRC had made some errors and false allegations.

A successful interim application was also made to obtain an immediate Validation Order so that the company could continue trade, whilst the wind up petition was heavily contested, and then settled before the main court hearing.

The court procedure to wind up a company is often complex, and must be carried out according to strict statutory provisions.

At Altion Law we advise on all aspects of the wind up procedure, in order to achieve the best result for our clients. The client in this matter was extremely satisfied with the legal advice, and action taken on the company’s behalf in court, which resulted in the petition being dismissed and company to continue operating successfully again.

Successfully Acting For A Business Owner, Defending An Individual Bankruptcy / Personal Insolvency Action Issued By A Creditor, Which Was Subject To Contentious Background Facts, Action Was Defended And Dismissed.

Acting for a client with contested bankruptcy proceedings issued by a business creditor.

On investigation, statutory procedures had not been followed by the creditor, as well as there being contested material facts behind the cause of action. Altion Law considered the facts of the matter and advised the client on their options.

The client was represented in court to oppose and contest the bankruptcy action on the basis that the creditor had made some errors and false allegations on which they had based the action. The action was resolved by way of settlement and the proceedings were dismissed against the client.

At Altion Law we offer a high level of expertise and legal advice to clients for contentious and non-contentious matters, in order to obtain the best outcome and result for all of our clients. The client in this matter was extremely pleased and satisfied with the result, as the matter was dealt with in the most effective and efficient manner.

Successfully Acted For A Group Of Individuals In The Recovery Of Valuable Assets Seized By HMRC.

Altion Law was instructed to recover valuable assets seized by HMRC. Prior to instructing us the clients had been in a contested dispute with HMRC, seeking the return of their valuable assets. Years of unsuccessful results led them to seek alternative legal advice from specialists at Altion Law.

We advised the clients on the law, and the legal basis on which HMRC could seize assets. As this matter had been litigious for many years, Altion Law provided the clients with clear sensible advice on ways to resolve the disputed issue. We were then pleased to be instructed to represent the clients at negotiation meetings with HMRC, where we were able to speak on behalf of our clients in order to resolve the matter. The result of the meetings was a success, as HMRC returned all the seized assets to our clients within weeks of our involvement with the matter.

The clients were pleased with the service they had received from Altion Law, as a dispute which had been going on for years finally came to an end, with the outcome they had desired.

Altion Law understand that court action is not always the best option to deal with a dispute. We always advise our clients on any alternative dispute resolution options, which can prove to be more suited to the matter to resolve the dispute. We always aim to resolve matters in the most effective and efficient manner in order to obtain the best result for our clients.

Successful WOWGR Application

Altion Law worked with a specialist Wine and Spirits importer to secure a WOWGR licence for them to hold the goods in duty suspension. The company had previously been paying the duty on import but due to growth this was now a concern for cash flow.

Altion Law worked with the company and produced a business plan, due diligence and other associated documents to support the application. With the work that had been done the client was confident enough to attend the WOWGR application meeting with HMRC on their own and were approved within days.

Successful AWRS Dry Run Service

A new entrant to the Alcohol wholesale sector wanted to apply for AWRS but was not wholly familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding the sector. As the company was a new startup with a limited budget, they approached Altion Law with a request to support an AWRS application but discussions moved to Altion Law assisting with the Company’s education of the rule and regulations of the sector. Altion Law was instructed to critique the Company’s draft AWRS business plan and application documents and suggest improvements or highlight areas of weakness.

This approach allowed significant areas of risk to be highlighted and the company improved its proposed policies and procedures prior to formal application. The company received a positive response to its AWRS application from HMRC within weeks of application.