Pre-Contract Homeowner Information

Has The Homeowner Been Provided With Pre-Contract Information?

In particular, the homeowner has a right to be provided with relevant pre-contract information before they are bound by a contract to supply goods or services, as prescribed by

The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (the CCR 2013). The CCR came into force on 13 June 2014. If you entered into a contract prior to 13 June 2014, these Regulations will not apply.

Top Tip: Make sure the work only starts after this cooling off period.
Top Tip: If they don’t provide the above, then do not get them to carry out work.

That the CCR 2013 does not apply to contracts for the construction of new buildings, or the construction of substantially new buildings by the conversion of existing buildings (such as barn conversion). However, the CCR 2013 applies to construction of extensions to existing buildings and to homeowner construction contracts.

The information differs according to whether the contract is: (i) on business premises contracts; (ii) long distance contracts; and (iii) off-premises contracts.

If the contract was made off-premises e.g. in your own home or your work after a visit from the builder. The builder must provide pre-contract information to the homeowner in legible, clear, comprehensible manner before the contract is made which includes:

1. The main description of the work to be done;

2. Identity of the builder or contractor;

3. Provide the total price of the work or manner in which the price will be calculated if this cannot be determined.

4. Provide the arrangements for payment, delivery, performance and time.

5. Provide details of any right to cancel such as cancellation rights and time limits with procedures. The builder needs to provide a standard cancellation form to the homeowner. You can obtain a model cancellation form as specified in the CCR 2013 from us.

6. Builder must provide their geographical address and phone number and email address.

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