Residential Building Disputes

Have You Had Problems With The Building Work Done At Your Home Such As Garage Conversion, Basement Conversion, Loft Or Roof Conversion, Two Storey Extensions, Single Storey Extension, Adding Conservatory To A House, Erection Of A Porch, Shed Or Outbuilding Construction Carried Out By Builder?

Have You Had Problems With The Home Improvements Done To Your Driveway, Plumbing Work, Roof Repairs And Guttering, Landscaping, Rewiring, Fitting of Burglar Alarms Or Security Systems Or Any Other Improvements Done By Contractors?

As a homeowner if you have encountered problems with the building work or home improvements caused by builders or contractors, if so, Altion Law can assist you.  Our construction solicitors have significant expertise in advising and dealing with residential building and construction disputes.

Altion Law can provide strategic, practical and commercial advice on a broad range of residential building disputes and will explain the available options to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients whether by mediation, litigation or alternative dispute resolution.

  • Claims for breach of contract.
  • Claims for an extension of time to completion date.
  • Claims for loss and expense caused by delay or disruption to a building project.
  • Claims for additional work or cost of variations under the contract.
  • Claims for payment under a quantum meruit for the work done or materials supplied.
  • Claims for defective workmanship or defects in the works.
  • Claims for liquidated damages because the project is running late or delayed
  • Claims under construction warranties and guarantees given by builders.
  • Claims for outstanding payments.
  • Claims for property damage.
  • Professional negligence claims against architects, engineers and surveyors.

Did You Know That ‘Verbal Assurances’ Or Voluntary Statements Given By The Builder To A Homeowner Can Amount To A Contract If The Homeowner Relied Upon It?

A builder needs to be more careful in any statement or what assurances that they give to the homeowners when you are deciding to enter into the contract or making a decision about the service after entering into the contract.

If you can show that you have taken those comments into account when entering into agreement with the builder and you may later bring a claim for breach of contract.

With that in mind, clear contract terms are more important than ever and even construction staff must be careful in what assurances they give at all times to the homeowners. This includes any quotations or promises of the results to be achieved.

Failure to comply with any such statements may entitle the homeowner to a right of re-performance or a price reduction if the term does not relate to the service.

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